Design & Innovation
Capacity Building In India

About Us

The proposed project (DESINNO) aims at establishing innovation capacities in India with the help of improved Design education considering the modern social, economic and business environment.  Primarily, this project is set up to contribute to the modernization efforts of the industrial design and creative sectors of India through enhanced quality of educational services and future human resources, that are built on transfer of educational curriculum content and good practices from EU Programme Countries.

What We Do?

> Development of innovative and permanent methods for Research and Design approaches

> Establishment of cross-sectoral projects for collaboration and

> Establishment of Inter-industry projects to facilitate the inclusion of design thinking approaches

> Development of extreme affordability principles for the benefit of the developing nations

> Development of community-based programs enabling designers, craftsmen and artisans

> Modernization and internationalization of Indian HEIs by the improvement of university design courses